Sunday, September 7, 2014

Milan - the fashion, design and business capital of Italy

Milan is considered to be the fashion, Business and the design capital of Italy. Secondly, this is the largest and the richest city of Italy. The City of Milan is subdivided into 9 zones and is filled fantastic and beautiful museums, exhibitions and city has an exciting night life. Milan is situated at the north of the Italy. The city has a stunning scene of Lake Como and the lake Lecco, which is worthy of a short journey through train.

Pretty Women's Milan
The months of April to May are the favorable times to visit Milan, Italy. Of all the seasons, the temperature will be at its best. The private holiday villas are supposed to be the best places for staying with affordable prices. You can look at the vast shopping areas along with the greatest cultural fine arts. Pretty women Milan can be seen here wandering about with their lovers and even some singles. Nightlife is regarded to be the best in Italy, and it is quite exciting and joyful as well.   Dating Milan women can be a lifetime experience. Along with the light life you can also take the privilege food at the restaurants. Discos and night pubs are present in Italy in order to lose you and get flashed up. This can be the best address for the hot women Milan. The famous hotels along with the restaurants serve you with the continental dishes and other delicious cuisines. You can also enjoy with the delicious foods of Milan at the world famous place of food.

The city of Milan provides an excellent means of transportation that are both efficient and economical. As the traffic of Milan is quite chaotic, avoid making use of cars and wherever possible, make use of the public transport system. If you want a taxi, go for an official taxi that is usually white or yellow in color and is much cheaper than the private cabs. The private cabs usually charge double the meter price.

Most of the landmarks are situated within the city and is of walk able distance from the city center:

  • Duomo cathedral: This is located at the center of the city. This is the second largest Roman Catholic cathedral. This nearly took four centuries to build because of its architectural design, columns, spires, and craftsmen ship. The copper statue of the Madonna is situated here. It accommodates about 40,000 people comfortably and has the world’s most important fabulous windows.
  • Duomo DI Milano:  This is very famous throughout the world for the propagation of Christianity faith. Along with the spread of the religion, its role in the establishment of the catholic conventions of worship. This is one of the magnificent and the largest churches in the world. Though its construction started in the 14th century, and it continues even till today.
  • Sforzesco Castle: This castle is named after Francesco Sforzesco and is the most famous monument of the city. This castle is considered to be the symbol of autocratic powers dukes and foreign rulers. This is the greatest monuments of the Renaissance period. It was primarily constructed as a fortress for the military people, and now it has become home for many museums and the seat of the Italian culture and displayed many Lombardi art collections.


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