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Exploring the incredible city of Naples in Italy

Naples is the capital city of Campania and is a fascinating place where colors, culture, history and flavors are weaved in a mix of joy, fun and knowledge. Naples is the third largest city of Italy and also one among the culturally rich city. It is situated approximately about two hours from the south of Rome in the bay of Naples. This bustling city of Italy dates back over thousands of years from Rome and Greece occupations and is one among the oldest and continuously populated cities across the globe. 

Points of attraction 

  • Churches and the Museums-The city of Naples is a museum in itself and within its boundaries lie several churches, historical sites and museums ready to attract visitors. The patron Saint, The Duomo of San Gennaro, is one among the most visually remarkable in the region. One among the country’s ancient surviving churches is the cappella di Santa Restituta. One must visit a church for Baroque-style architecture lovers is the San Giuseppe dei Ruffi.
  • Bay of Naples-This is the magnificently beautiful place with Mount Vesuvius stunningly perched in the background. The crystal clear, amazing seawater, along with lovely flowers and topography makes this place as a unique and must visit place.
  • The Amalfi coast-Most of the people considers the Amalfi coast as one among the most attractive places on the earth. This is because the mountainous terrain touches the sea and houses hang on its cliffs offering a truly exclusive and Mediterranean experience. There are many charming destinations, which make for easy and quick day trip from Naples.

What to taste

Naples Piazza- The city Naples is regarded to be the birthplace of Piazza, and it is supposed to be introduced in the 16th century. The varying delectable sauces topping the pizza have a unique story. Many people all over the planet visit this delightful cultural land to taste the delicious Naples pizza.
Sports and activities

Excitement in Naples is always assured! The daunting task is deciding what to do. The nature, water and Sun offer countless probabilities for aquatic or water sports both underwater and overwaters. In Baia, one must not miss the opportunity for a tour of the underwater Villas beautifully decorated with ancient fish farms, mosaics, and the Roman Port in the Underwater Archaeological Park.

Visitors can relish the nightlife at the city; there are many restaurants, pizzerias, bars, clubs, and discos that remain open till late hours to offer amusement and fun.

Shopping lovers can shop around the city and choose from a range of handmade creations, fantastic Neapolitan Souvenirs and spend amusing shopping time at the city.

Things to know about Naples women

Pretty women Naples women are passionate, stylish and trendy and open hearted as well. They enjoy wine and good food. Hot women in Naples are greatly adventurous and even risky. Dating Naples women can be a real kick in your trip and can make your stay a memorable one. You can be reassured to possess the best time in the company of hot women Naples.

Where to stay

Naples is abode to many hotels and restaurants ranging from luxurious to very affordable ones. The hotels here offer excellent accommodation facilities at relatively reasonable prices.
You can have an amazing time for sure at Naples, Italy!


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