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Palermo – Italy’s Paradise Land

The Cathedral of Palermo
Palermo Italy is the capital city of the Island of Sicily. Located on the northern coast, the city is well connected from major Italian centers and European cities by air ways. It is one among the most inhabited cities of the country.

Places of interest

When it comes to popular attractions, there are myriad treasures to see in and around the city. Here are few top attractions to see when you visit Palermo.

  • Teatro Massimo Palermo – One among the biggest opera houses in Italy, the Teatro is captivating building loaded with dramatic architecture as well as sweeping lines. Renowned for its spectacular acoustics, this is factually one of the major attractions to visit.
  • Palazzo dei Normanni – If you are searching for the origins of the island’s cultural heart, then this is basically where it all began. Regarded as Palermo’s star the Palazzo dei Normanni is its sparkling attractions.
  • Catacombe dei Cappuccini – Among all the places in Italy to see skeletons and mummies, Palermo’s this place is one among the creepiest.
  • Palermo cathedral – This is the must visit place to capture the vistas of fine architecture. It was built in 1185; it evokes various architectural styles including Neo-Classical and renaissance. It has several points of interest such as the crypt where its creator is buried and also its 17th century amazing solar observatory.
  • Vucciria Market – From crafts and clothing to produce stands brimming with Mediterranean delight, the old Vucciria Market is a wonderful introduction to the beautiful sights, and citizens of the city.
  • Beaches –The island capital Palermo bases on the Sicily’s north shore, within a short drive to beautiful beaches. West of Palermo are the lovey beaches of Isola delle Femmine, San Vito lo capo and more. In east there are several public beaches on the way to luxurious resorts. Within Palermo, is the small fascinating beach of Arenella.

Things to do in Palermo

To get around the city, you might hire a car rental or travel in bus or train to reach the desired destination. You can visit the nearby beaches and play with sands, take a sun bath, go bargain hunting in the streets of Vucciria Market, take pictures at the Pretoria, identify different architectural styles at Duomo, snack on the street Vendor Milza, crunch on Cannoli and lots more. You can surely do lots of fun things and adventurous activities; the place has lots to offer.

Accommodation facilities

Palermo has a large number of hotels where you can stay comfortably in during the course of your vacation at the place. Depending on the budget and other requirements, you can choose the best hotel suiting you. Cafes, diners, retailers and other vital establishments usually encircle the hotels here, which might be essential for the stay. The hotels offer the best services and great amenities to make your stay highly comfortable.

Nightlife at Palermo

Pretty Girls Palermo
Palermo’s nightlife has drastically grown in present years. There are plenty of spaces for amusement and fun. Furthermore, pubs and clubs are the idyllic place to meet the hot women Palermo and spend lovely time dating Palermo women. The nightlife here is factually amazing; you can have the best experience and lots of fun at the clubs, bars and restaurants at the place.


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