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Florence Italy – An amazing travel destination

Florence Italy
Florence Italy is one among the most charming tourist destinations in the world. Renaissance’s, birthplace, the city is known for its historical and architectural structures. Florence has few of Italy’s best churches, art, cathedrals, museums, shopping market and sculptures. Plan your next vacation to this alluring city to have lots of fun. 

Must see places 

  • Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore – The city’s most common and popular site is this Duomo, cathedral. The creation of this fantastic huge cathedral, which holds about 20,000 was started in 1296 and in 1436 it was consecrated. Travellers can procure tickets to climb its 463 steps to the top or can even view the 44 stained amazing glass windows.
  • Pizza della Signoria – This has been center to the political life of the Florence city for centuries. It has been great updates into a fascinating and lively attraction that it is the abode of many bars, restaurants, and shops. It is must see places during your trip to Florence. Nearby artwork comprises a copy of the Marzocco by Donatello, Michelangelo’s the David and the Neptune Fountain.
  • Giotto’s campanile, Bell tower – This structure has a height of 84.7 meters and is 14.45 meters wide. It is found near the Baptistry of St. John and Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore. Its first story was designed and established by Giotto. Visitors can purchase a ticket to climb its 414 stairs for magnificent views of the cathedral, its dome, the entire Florence city and surrounding areas.
  • Santa Croce – Santa Croce is situated in the Pizza Santa Croce and is regarded as the biggest Franciscan Church in the country. It has the tombs of Dante and Michelangelo. The interior comprises some captivating stained glass windows as well as Frescoes. It also has the Cappella dei Pazzi, which is one among the most significant works of Brunelleschi.

Apart from the aforesaid places, there are many others such as an old bridge Ponte vecchio, galleria degli Uffizi, Pitti palace, Boboli gardens and lots more. 

Things to do in Florence 

You can do lots of amusing things and have a splendid time at Florence, Italy. Explore the Uffizi gallery, see the beautiful sights in Duomo square, shop at the leather markets, taste the Italian cuisine, climb the Giotto’s tower, and visit pubs and clubs to enjoy the nightlife at this glittering city.

Hotels in Florence Italy 

Hotels in Florence are best known for their top class facilities at relatively reasonable rates. Most of the hotels are based in city center. There is number of luxurious as well as popular cheap hotels at the city. The hotel rooms are well-furnished and are sure to offer you relaxing and confortable ambience to have best stay.

Nightlife in Florence 

Disco and nightlife in Florence
Florence nightlife is simply awesome. Nightlife in Florence involves a relaxing walk in the major streets, through the square. Furthermore, there are many bars, pubs and clubs to make you have amazing time at night with hot women Florence. You can meet some of pretty women Florence. You can visit the bars playing funk, jazz and classical music to have some amusement. Some of the popular bars at the place includes; Casa del Vino, Negroni, La dolce Vita and more.


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