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Visit amazing places at Venice and enjoy your valuable holiday time

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Venice is considered to be one of the most popular cities of Italy. This is one the very romantic and amazing places not only in Italy but also throughout the world. Venice is situated in the northern Italy. This city is also called as “City of light “or “The queen of Adriatic”. The city of Venice is majorly divided into six regions. They are - Cannaregio, Castello, Dosoduro, San Marco, San Polo and the Santa Croce.   The city has a moderate temperature even during the peak of summer and winter season. The extreme cold months are from November till the middle of February.

The major means of transportation of Venice were boats and now water buses have replaced it. This water buses are very common means of transportation for all the localities and other visitors as well.  Venice is the host land for the all the cultural festivals and the traditions. The most famous of it is “Carnival of Venice” and this occasion comes once in a year and people taking part in this carnival wears the traditional masks and the costumes.

There are wide range of hotels are available at the Venice to select. There are very expensive, average and cheap range rooms are also available. You can get avail with the rooms for cheaper rate and can keep rest of the money for exploring the city. Pizza is the very popular food of Italy. An amazing range of Mediterranean foods are served in the hotels.

History, beauty and the culture

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This is one most romantic city and has fewer words to describe it. When roaming through the city, definitely you will make a stop to visit the San Macro square, the world famous Rialto Bridge, the most amazing and the elegant Doge’spalace. Venice also has some of world’s pretty women Venice whom one can date on their voyage around the city. Bars and pubs will lead you to some of hot women Venice whom you can spend the rest of the holidays.

Gondolas are the Venice most famous worldwide symbol. The boat of Venetian is very ancient due to its complex techniques. A typical gondola is of 11 meter long and weighs about 600 kgs.

Famous attractions of Venice

  • St. Mark square is called as the heart of Venice as it is located on the bank of Grand Canal and also due to the presence of the many beautiful and historical monuments. Both politically and historically, this is considered to be very important.
  • Rialto Bridge of 24 foot arch was designed in such a way that it allowed the passage of galleys. This massive and huge structure was built on 12000 wooden pilings and it has provided support since 400 years .This Bridge has three walkways. One central walkway and other two outer balustrades. The central walkway leads between two small shops that sell Murano glass, linens, jewellary and other items for tourist.
  • Doge’spalace: This is one of the well known buildings in the city of Venice. This palace is recognized as Palazzo Ducale. This is considered to be the top most museums of Venice due to its very complicated exterior and interior structure, the grand halls and the price less paintings. The doge’s palace is opened to the visitors from morning 8.30 to evening 7.


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