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Verona – Romantic city of Italy

Verona is a splendid city situated in the north-eastern Veneto region of Italy, and is best known as the city of Romeo &Juliet. Verona is an amazing city, which is brimming with intrigue and romance that makes it idyllic place for all kinds of vacationers to visit.

Top attractions in Verona

  • The Arena di Verona –It is the best preserved spectacular Roman Amphitheatre across the globe. Also, the Amphitheatre is world’s third largest to persist from antiquity. Dating back to the first century, the historic landmark still hosts opera performances even to this day.
  • The Castelvecchio Museum – This museum constructed by Scaligeri Warlord Cangrande II in 1354, it was built to serve the dual role of military stronghold and residential place. The museum is loaded with a rich collection of Renaissance paintings and medieval sculptures.
  • Juliet’s House –It is located in via cappello, nearby the pizza delle Erbe. It is apparently the location of the popular balcony love scene that is from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Albeit, the house is very old, the balcony added in the year 1936, it has no any connection with fictional characters of Shakespeare.
  • The Lamberti Tower –It was done in 1463 and is the tallest among Verona’s towers. The tower entrance is mainly through the courtyard palace and there are about 238 steps at the top and lift as well.
  • The Verona Cathedral (Duomo)–It was built after two of the 8th century churches on the same place had been damaged in 1117 by an earthquake. In 1187, the Romanesque style this cathedral was consecrated. The structure was modified later by many renovation interventions, albeit the plan has remained unaltered.

 Verona Cuisine

The cuisine in Verona is delicious and amazing with a diverse range of restaurants to enjoy. Horse meat is one among the popular local specialty, there are several incredible dishes found including Picula de caval, pastisada de caval and lots more. Verona is best known for its mouthwatering pasta entrees and also for the local pork dish termed as casoela.

Where to stay?

Verona is becoming a flourishing tourist industry and boasts a wide array of options for lodgings and accommodations. The hotels here are much cheaper and get very busy at the time of annual concerts at the Arena. There is a wide variety of places to select from, including everything from most deluxe and luxurious hotels such as Due Torri and Accademia to small boutique hotels, vacation rentals, charming bed as well as breakfast locations.

Amusing Nightlife

Nightclubbing on Lake Garda
Pizza delle Erbe is the most idyllic place to relish the exciting nightlife of Verona. Listen to high quality jazz and pop songs at Rain wine bar and immerse you into the friendly and beautiful ambience of this vivacious city. Spend your days at the city relaxing and rejuvenating with hot women Verona while taking in everything as an unforgettable memory that the city has to offer.

Verona, the most romantic and beautiful city has lots to offer including pretty women Verona, you can factually spend most fascinating vacation with your loved ones at Verona.


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