Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sardinia – An amazing holiday spot

Sardinia is one of the very popular places of visit in Italy. This island is to the west of the main island and had many beaches, villages and towns, which are worth of visiting. You can even explore a wide range of archaeological spots. This island is considered to be the second biggest in the Mediterranean Sea and it separates Spain and Italy. Some of the hotspots of this Island are:

  • Villasimius: This is one of the small fishing villages, which have become the major tourist attraction. Though this is a small town, it provides a wide range of entertainment to its visitors, restaurants, bars, shops and some of the popular hotels. This village is easily accessible to where ever the place you are residing. This place is just an 80 min drive from town of Cagliari. You can have a memorable experience throughout your journey. Summer is the best season to visit this place.
  • Beaches: This Island offers the finest sea, sun and sand to its visitors. The beaches over here are situated at the vertical tropical paradise, which is at the heart of the Europe along with its clean and sparkling waters.
  • La Maddalena: This is the largest seven islands that are situated around Sardinia. This is very famous for its crystal clear water and the pink sand this place offer wonderful and mouth watering sea foods for its visitors that are extremely delicious. For the shopping lovers this is the best place and you can purchase for amazing souvenir items.
  • Bosa: This is the ancient town of the island, which is set in the riverside. Bosa is well known for its colorful carnival celebrations that take place in the month of February.
  • Santa Teresa Gallura: In order to make your stay complete at this island, you have to Santa Teresa Gallura. This is located in the northern area of the island. It has wonderful beaches and a long string of bars and restaurants.
Sardinia being an island, seafood’s plays great in the regional cuisines of this place .Stews are the most popular regional cuisines of Sardinia. The meat and the poultry dishes are greatly served in the rice cooking sauces and this can be easily served as soups. Hearty crusted bread or the potatoes are considered filling meals. Here, the pasta’s are considered to be the Middle Eastern cuisine. The hearty grains and the fusilli are the very common regional dishes.

Pretty Women Sardinia
The months of July and august are considered to be the best time for visit as it will be a warm pleasant weather during these months. For those people who are limited to budget they can even go for bargaining or they can even get for beach hotels that are available at affordable prices. Apart from staying at the lavish hotels, you can even go for trying windsurfing, diving, boating and still many other aquamarine activities. Sardinia Island has best night spots to entertain its visitors like night clubs, bars and restaurants. The pretty women Sardinia of Italy love to socialize their life through night clubs and parties. They are some of the most beautiful and hot women Sardinia of Italy whom anyone would love to spend time with.


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